Text Messaging Solutions to Scale Banking Operations and Deliver Superstar Results
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Integrates with systems you already use

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Why Elle is Awesome

Agile, secure and built for banking

Ease of Use

Give your members reliable, real-time answers direct to their mobile. Technology is best when it's effortless.

Collect documents, photos, forms, and more via text message. Gather all supporting documentation in seconds.

Have Members text you docs

Scheduling automatic responses to members after-hours or over the weekends means your doors are always open.

24/7 Text Conversations

Supercharged digital engagement to acquire and retain business.

Build relationships, not bots.

Humanize your interactions

The Elle platform empowers financial institutions to deliver actionable information in a more engaging way. Open and response times of up to 25x faster versus email signals a new preference for text messaging.

It's all about the ROI

Guide new and existing members through your applications with convenient, 1-on-1 text conversations. The Elle text messaging platform integrates with loan origination systems and generates ROI results of over 1500%!

Elle is highly affordable and falls outside of the typical budget evaluation period. A smooth plug-and-play integration and intuitive user interface makes setup fast.

Low cost. Instant setup.

Encrypted, Secure, and TCPA Compliant

Why Choose Elle

Emily Olson, Marketing Strategist at Educators Credit Union. Elle has been incredibly easy to get up and running. We were live on day one sending out personalized, instant messages.
JD Coastal Hills Credit Union. I like it because it is the way our millennial members prefer to communicate. Bottom line is we can serve everyone better with text messaging.
Mitch Myre, VP/CLO at Mill City Credit Union
Elle helps us follow up very quickly which is what people are looking for - a rapid response to questions.
Susan Cerutti-Jensen, Marketing Director at Spokane Federal Credit Union. The one thing that’s important to us is to appear that we’re open 24 hours. Elle would allow us to provide instant responses if our members have a question after-hours or on the weekends.

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